10 ways! One can hack your Facebook.

We are in a world where one can find any person's  personal information online. Social networking sites have become an easy platform for stealing any one's personal information without their concern.In this post you get to learn about 10 different ways by which one can hack into our Facebook. HACK #1: PHISHINGPhishing is still the most prominent technique to hack someone's personal accounts and there are several strategies to carry out phishing attacks.
Process: In the most basic attack, Hacker creates a fake page of  the original FB page and seems precisely genuine.In this step the hacker sends this page url in the form of emails and other spam accounts which redirects to this page and asks for a Login for causality.Once the user logins through the fake page, the email address and the password are put away into a content record.The hacker then downloads the content document and gets your personal details and hacks into your accounts.They are some websites and tutorials on Y…

One plus 5, Is it a worthy purchase?

One Plus is a Chinese based start-up and producer of smartphones founded in December 2013 with an aim of producing flagship level devices in affordable prices. As per their claim One Plus launched its first mobile One Plus "One" with flagship level specs in affordable price and it has seen a tremendous  success with its last flagship One Plus 3T.

Now the company has come with another flagship One Plus 5 and this time it has increased its price when compared to previous mobiles. One Plus is about to cost nearly $500 which sums up to 35000.

One Plus 5 Specifications:Dual Sim Display: 5.5 inch Amoled panel with 1080 x 1920 resolution (~401 ppi).Protection: Corning gorilla glass 5.OS: Android 7.1.1 with Oxygen skin on top of it.It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset. It is an Octacore processor clocked at 2.45GHz.GPU: Adreno 540.RAM/ROM: 6GB/64GB or 8GB/128GB.Primary Camera consists of Dual 16 MP, f/1.7, EIS (gyro) + 20 MP, f/2.6, phase detection autofocus, 2x optica…

Sony Xperia Touch Projector. Introduction to Future of Technology?

Sony, A company which is always in the front line when it comes to introducing new technology to the world with best of performance and durability.
   Sony gave a glimpse of its new innovation Xperia Touch Projector during last year's Mobile World Congress and since then we haven't heard much about it, and about a year later they came up with the device's name and launch date.
It is called "Xperia Touch" and it is a part speaker, part projector and a virtual tablet with android integrated into it.

It is expected to go on sale for about 1500€ or 1700$ and it's expensive and it is available  this Spring starting with European countries and then enter into the USA.

  It all actually sounds great when we listen that we can use an Android device by projecting screen on any surface, I mean this could be the future of all the devices and making this a start of it we could expect a lot in the coming future.

The Touch cast media to walls, but it can display on tables…


The State of LTE (June 2017)The mobile industry may now be turning its attention to 5G, but as OpenSignal's latest analysis of global LTE performance shows there is still plenty of activity surrounding 4G. As new LTE networks come online and old networks gain new life through LTE-Advanced upgrades, 4G signals are making their way into new niches across the globe and operators are pushing the boundaries of 4G speeds.
According to Opensignal's 2017 report on the list of the countries which have faster internet speeds  and number of users over the internet using 4G LTE speeds on their devices.

Despite of falling average, India shot up our LTE availability rankings, reflecting a rare instance in which a single operator can have an outsized impact on a mobile market in just a short time. Jio's nationwide 4G launch in September attracted 100 million LTE subscribers, making 4G services far more accessible in India,but at the expense of lower average speeds. 

INDIA:Although India lag…

What is Google TPU? Does it replace GPU and CPU?

We are in a place where the Amazon with AWS and the Microsoft with Azure are ruling the cloud sector. In the recent Google I/O conference Google announced another processing unit called TPU, which replaces current GPU's.

TPU stands for Tensor Processing Unit. A tensor processing unit (TPU) is an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) developed specifically for machine learning. Compared to a graphics processing unit, it is designed explicitly for a higher volume of reduced precision computation upto a little as 8-bit precision. The chip has been specifically designed for Google's TensorFlow framework, however Google still uses CPUs and GPUs for other types of machine learning.
Google is a software company and its software needs a compatible hardware to run smoothly, thus Google has been working on its own hardware since 1 year and we could see its development in Pixel devices and upcoming products from Google.

Architecture: The TPU is an 8-bit matrix multiply engine, …

What is Google Opinion Rewards? How does it help you make money?

The Multinational giant Google makes most of its money through Advertisements. When normal users login into their respective Google accounts and start browsing over the internet lets, suppose a mobile and later you find similar advertisements which are recently reviewed by you from various online shopping sites.

Google keeps an eye on you through their algorithms, that is why it keeps user's footprints and uses it for advertisements from other companies who sell products.

Now, coming to the point Google Opinion Rewards is an application in Playstore, where  Google sends certain surveys for you to answer. If you answer them you will be rewarded through money in your wallet as Google play credits.

This is now available in India and some other countries recently and is useful to make some money just by spending a little time on it.

All you need to do is download the Apk file from Playstore and log in through phone number and set your account and also turn on the notifications "…